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Info about washing machine dyeing

  • Washing machines usually have a minimum wash weight of 1kg and a maximum wash weight of 5kg; for dyeing your should not exceed half the maximum load (i.e. 2.5kg)

  • They are particularly well-suited to dyeing large pieces of fabric (1 to 2.5kg of dry fabric)

  • You cannot dye less than 1kg of dry fabric in a washing machine (4 boxes worth of Lady Dye)

  • You should not dye more than 2.5kg of dry fabric in a washing machine (10 boxes worth of Lady Dye)

  • After dyeing:

    • Clean the machine by adding a mixture of diluted bleach and washing powder

    • Run a short, hot cycle

  • The plastic parts of the washing machine may discolour due to the dye; this will not affect the machine's performance or subsequent washing​

  • Single and Twin Tubs can be used for cold water dyeing, but are not recommended for hot water dyeing as they cannot maintain the required temperature of 90°C

  • Do not dye wool or silk in a washing machine

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