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Hot Water Machine Wash

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Note: A minimum of 1kg fabric must be dyed at a time. 1kg of fabric requires 4 sachets of dye powder

  1. Place wet fabric into the washing machine.

  2. Dissolve 4 sachets of dye powder into 2l boiling water in a large bowl / jug.

  3. Dissolve 16 tablespoons of salt (240g) into this dye mixture.

  4. Drain this mixture through an old cloth / stocking into another large bowl / jug.

  5. Pour the contents of this directly into the washing machine drum.

  6. Run the washing machine on the longest and hottest cycle. Do not include a prewash.

  7. When the cycle is complete, run the washing machine again, at 40°C.

  8. Dissolve the 4 sachets of fixative (the clear packets in the box) in 400ml of warm water (~40°C).

  9. Add this fixative solution through the detergent chamber while the machine is still running.

  10. Run for 15 minutes.

  11. Dry the fabric.

  12. Wash fabric in warm water (40°C) with washing powder.

  13. Rinse and dry.

Getting Started
Prepare the Fabric
Prepare the dye bath
Dye the fabric
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