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Cold Water Machine Wash

Note: A minimum of 1kg fabric must be dyed at a time. 1kg of fabric requires 4 sachets of dye powder.

  1. Place wet fabric into the washing machine.

  2. Dissolve 4 sachets of dye powder into 2l boiling water in a large bowl / jug.

  3. Dissolve 16 tablespoons of salt (240g) into this dye mixture.

  4. Drain this mixture through an old cloth / stocking into another large bowl / jug.

  5. Pour the contents of this directly into the washing machine drum.

  6. Run the washing machine on the longest and hottest cycle. Do not include a prewash.

  7. After 20 minutes, turn off the machine but leave the wash cycle dial in its current position.

  8. Dissolve the sachets of fixative (the white packets in the box) in 400ml of boiling water.

  9. Add this fixative solution through the detergent chamber.

  10. Restart the machine and run for a minimum of 50 minutes, until the cycle ends.

  11. Reset and run the machine to a normal warm water wash with washing powder.

  12. Rinse and dry.

Getting Started
Prepare the Fabric
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